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Anyone want to meet some other cool bloggers, and interested in the idea of socializing options not involving huge crowds, loud music, and lots of smoke? Anyone like me, in other words? (I'm a mom of a small kid, and I was never much into the usual idea of "partying" even before that...)

I'm thinking of hosting a little get-together at my roomie's house, for a smallish group (dozen or so maybe) who would like something more quiet. I'm just not sure if anyone would be interested. I'm not often in the position to host parties, being somewhat of a boring homebody, so I'm not really sure...

Some ideas: The place has various computers for use if people want to log in, and ethernet w/cable modem to the net, a big tv with vcr, dvd, etc (anyone for The Matrix at 2 am? Or recorded tapes of panel sessions you missed? (are we allowed to bring in camcorders? I've never been before)). I'm thinking of firing up the barbecue, or roasting a big turkey, or something else yummy and interesting, plus, of course, beer. There is crash space (bed for the luckiest one(s), couch, extra futon mattress and floor for the rest) for those who don't want to drive anywhere afterwards. Smokers are welcome to enjoy their activities on the back porch provided they place their used items in appropriate receptacles and do not set the backyard on fire (it's overgrown with weeds).

My idea of fun is not a wild night out on the town, but a comfortable, small gathering where I have time to talk to people and really get to know them a bit, and dare I say, maybe even have a few Deep Discussions about interesting topics.

Oh yeah, I'm also interested in seeing if anyone would want to go canoeing on Town Lake, and maybe plant a geocache on one of the upstream islands or something...

Let me know if I'm bonkers/a total loser/onto something.
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