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Matt's thread ("Why aren't we changing the world together?") and the non-Dakota-related conversation going on in the The Dakota thread below have led to an idea:

We should have a virtual space where we keep the energy we get at SXSW going all the time.
We should have a place to tell each other about our projects, get advice and work together on wonderful things.
We should be changing the world together.

So we're gonna build it. Born of the spirits of MetaFilter and The Fray, with Brad as Godfather (anyone remember his message last year about making a true community space for webloggers?) and Dinah as Midwife, we announce the conception of, um, of [the site we can all hang out in and do wonderful things], which really ought to have a shorter name.

One possible choice would be to do it all right here at I am inclined against that for two reasons: 1) this site is about SXSW and the excitement we have about all getting together in person, in Austin and 2) I think what we're building should be a larger concept encompassing that energy and sharing it worldwide.

Another possible choice would be to call it Table In The Corner and host it at I like that idea, but that's hardly surprising since I picked the name and registered the domain. I like the idea of saying "Hey, I have a cool idea about foo. Meet me at The Table In The Corner and I'll tell you about it."

So what do all y'all think?

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