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On Saturday, March 10th, starting at about 8pm and going until whenever, I'll be hosting a little get-together up in Cedar Park for those who might like a smaller, quieter, more slowly-paced kind of evening.:)

And no matter what you're going to do on Saturday night, you are invited to come join me and perhaps some other folks for canoeing on Town Lake at around 11am on Saturday. We'll be heading to Baby Acapulco's on Barton Springs Road for margaritas and lunch afterwards, and we'll be done in time to catch the Scott McCloud interview at 4. Come enjoy some fun in the sun, right near downtown! And if the weather sucks, we'll just skip the canoeing part...

On another note, the bluebonnets are just starting to come up, so you out-of-towners will be able to enjoy them. (mediocre pic is from my cheap cheezy digicam on the way to work this morning).
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