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So you built a professional/corporate/organizational site? You can't get anybody to give you the honest truth about your site? Don't worry camper, SXSW has provided a panel of top developers to let you know what you got things right. But more importantly we will point out the rough spots so you as a developer can bring home more bling (won't your mama be proud). All you do is show up Monday bewteen 3:10 and 3:30 outside the Website Demo Session #1 and put your site on the slip of paper and drop it in the box. At 3:30 the panel draws sites from the box to critique, we will review sites with its developers. Chances are the developers will receive lovely swag also.

Who is reviewing? So glad you asked: Nick Finck of Digital Web and, Paul Schrank of Spire Media, Carole Guevin of netdiver, and David-Michel Davies of The Webby Awards. The meek moderator will be Thomas Vander Wal of
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