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We now have a flyer for the LiveJournal Party on Monday, March 11th at 8pm - 1ish at Elysium Nightclub, 705 Red River in Austin. You're all invited and there will be some great music and interesting guests, but absolutely no book readings are allowed! Just a bunch of geeks hanging out with scantily clad camgirls and dominatrixes. Evil fun.

Also, we'll be at the LiveJournal booth (P4) during the Interactive Festival Trade Show. How come more groups don't have booths? We asked nicely and they gave us one. I hope we're next to the Jim Beam booth. (Is drinking bourbon and playing poker allowed on the convention floor?!)

Brad Fitzpatrick (LiveJournal's founder) will be speaking on Monday 11th, 3:30 PM on a panel "Open Source Tools for Online Community and Collaboration".

As a sidenote, I was sent a huge stack of SXSW Trade Show day passes. If anyone needs one, let me know and I will see if I can get one into your hands... or better yet, get one online while you can - the site is being taken down on Saturday. (Thanks to Hugh for the details!)
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